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May 14, 2008



Modesto: Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health; and now, apparently, truly retarded (sorry, truly challenge-challenged) people incapable of consulting a cookbook.
If only I were there in the store with you so I could sing my Enya Medley ("I'm new age, I'm new age, I'm new age"). Think how entertaining that would be. And believe me when I say that in Modesto that WOULD pass for entertainment! Pam: verify?


I know! And they have sweet potatoes too! I found them at safeway once. So stupid!


This is wrong, so wrong, on at least three levels.

I am speechless.

*That* won't last long, though. ;)


I think this is test marketing for a new line of George W. Bush products: Ready-to-Eat Bread. Sqeeeze 'n' Use Toothpaste. E-Z Wipe Toilet Paper. Et cetera.


Now I've seen everything. That encapsulates everything that is wrong with our consumerist society. I wonder how many idiots heat and eat them *in* the plastic.

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