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May 25, 2008



Okay, should I go? I hate action movies for the most part - all those special effects which mean nothing to me. I LOVED the first to Indy movies.


Well, I liked it. IJ4 has a lot of special effects. A LOT a lot. In normal life, Indy should have died at least 15 different ways. But this is true of all the movies, so if you liked #1 anyway, you'll be okay with #4. After a while, you realize it's nice to see the old gang back together. And Cate Blanchett is the bad "guy".


All of the Indi movies are modeled after the Saturday afternoon 'B' cowboy/horror/fantasy/scifi movies of the 1940- 1970 era. These are not meant or intended to be anything but a cartoon style escape. If you want Fellini, Ingmar, W. Allen, or an Ivory Coast plot and acting sophistication, stay away. If you can suspend disbelief and re-enter a childlike mindset, these are extremely fun.

BTW, I am a professional singer (Art Music- opera, oratorio, Schubert Lied, Choral), and unable to do this with American Idol.


Kate Blanchett can flex her saber at me ANY TIME she wants...
I thought the movie was a let down (but then, Uncle George warned us it would be): isn't Spielberg a little old now to be making movies like he's still a punk wunderkind? I kept seeing things that were cool 25 years ago but have now become so imitated that one is sorrowful to think that SS can't recognize his own cliches anymore. I think Harrison has aged OK (and is still pretty charming) and Shia--once he changes that god-awful name--is promising actor, but really, there are any number of directors now working who have learned Steven's lessons and can do them better. Sad to say, but true.

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