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May 30, 2008



She wins.

Since she is post-6, she must be 7.

Also, summer camps, etc. all refer to the year you are entering when they say "for grades ____ to ____."

P.S. Bunny, you owe me for this.


Umm, no.
It's like the difference between being president-elect and beiong president. You might become president-elect on November 5 (or longer if you're Bush Baked Beans) but until you put your hand on that bible on January 21st and swear to not keep a single promise you made during your candidacy you are not president and can't call yourself anything but an intermediary figure.
School grades are exactly the same: a lot can happen between graduating from 6 and officially moving on to 7.


Interesting. The score is now 2:2. We need a tie-breaker, people.


Bunny wins. As soon as you finish one grade, you belong to the next grade. Actually, what I figure is that as soon as the kindergarteners in Bunny's school district had their little graduation ceremony, everyone else moved up a grade. See, the teachers at my old school would tell the kindergarteners every June after their "graduation": "Congratulations! Now you're first graders!" So it always seemed obvious to me that all the previous first graders became second graders at that moment, and everyone else also got bumped up accordingly.

If there's no cute little kindergarten graduation ceremony, then everyone bumps up when the school year is over. But in either case, it happens before the start of the next school year.


I think that settles it. So I went to Bunny and said, "We're both right. This is the summer before 7th grade, but you are an actual seventh grader." She gave me a withering look that seemed to ask what took me so long ...

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