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April 28, 2008



I wonder if Peter Jackson (who's producing it) knows this and should maybe have a little chat with GDT along the lines of "you screw up this movie and I'll make sure you're still making Hellboy direct-to-video releases for the rest of your life, amigo..."
I know I would!
Of course, are PJ and GDT the same person? Rather like Michael Jackson and Dinana Ross...


PJ is bound to know. At this point I can hardly untangle the knots to understand who has definitive controlling interest in The Hobbit, and therefore who picked the director.

Don't you mean Michael and LaToya? I think Michael and Diana have been seen together ...


I think I mean Michael and J-Lo.
The Tolkien estate (ie, the very greedy son and grandson) own the literary rights; New Line Cinema owns some portion of the film rights (how much is subject to debate); Peter "Shirtless" Jackson got involved in a nasty feud for a few years with New Line and was all but persona non grata with them but that seems to have been worked out (ie, $$$ changed hands) and now he's sort of the "producer in charge" for the Hobbitt project and the one who picked GDT to direct the film(s).
By Hollywood standards, this is fairly clear-cut...

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