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April 30, 2008



Beautiful mural.

Those figures are the original Five Dwarves (updated later to Seven): Lampy, Scopey, Mishmash, Picky, and Stiffy.


No, they aren't art deco. They look like "moral allegories" common to a lot of New Deal architecture, showing the uplifting meaningfulness of the working trades: mining, surveying, etc... Very common in buildings built in the 30s by FDR. A very Americanized version of Soviet Socialist public art aimed at proleteriat sensibilities rather than bourgeoise decoration (which art deco was VERY much concerned with).
There's some particularly beautiful examples of this kind of public art in Kansas City in the state buildings there: LOTS of allegorical figures doing heroic things to wheat and cattle. Rather attractive in a Copland kind of way!


I was going to say that the books and lamp the lady has represent education, but that's rather obvious.


Yeah, I think they must represent Education, Architecture, Drafting and so forth.

And Anthony, you hit the proverbial nail with the era and the reference to New Deal. Thanks.

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