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March 11, 2008



You mean to say that you've gotten to the age you've gotten to and NEVER have read the Foundation series before?
What, I say, WHAT kind of world are the Youth of America living in these days?
I bet you also think it rains on Dune as well at the end of the novel!


Classic sci-fi! I'm delighted. Thanks for playing. :)


Sue: Sure thing!

Anthony: It's true, all true! I'm sorry! I was young, I was busy, I always thought there would be a tomorrow ...


The other option was a double issue of People magazine, does that count?


I played via Sue's blog: http://www.lunisea.com/blather/?p=1218


Forget Wienis, wait 'til you met Preem Palver and The Mule!
If it will make you feel better, to this day I've never seen The Lion King or When Harry Met Sally nor have I read Finnegan's Wake, An American Tragedy or Less Than Zero!

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