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February 04, 2008



I wish we could still have slumber parties. Wait.. they probably do have them for 40 yr olds, but I bet they call them something else.


Your analysis of the needs is perfectly on. Even in the fancy neighborhood I've moved to where the kids often think they need to impress each other with stuff, my house where we aren't into stuff but where the parents appear scarce (and often are scarce) is perfectly acceptable and, I expect, will be the choice of the summer crowd. [Must get a lock for the liquor cabinet before then.]


You know you're in trouble when you go to an "adult slumber party" and when you throw your keys in the fishbowl one of the fish picks up the keys and winks at you...
And it's a fish on the wrong team...


'mouse, good advice on the liquor cabinet. :-)


One day, Mom, one far away day, you will learn the secrets...

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