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February 01, 2008



Look, you're making it too hard on yourself. All you need is a pony and a Hannah Montana DVD. Isn't that what all 11 year old girls want/want to be?
I surely did when I was 11, to no end of consternation on my mother's part, especially as neither the DVD nor (even) Billy Ray Cyrus had been invented yet. She kept sending me to therapists too rid me of my "weird hallucinations" but I remained convinced that digitally-encoded tween superstars were right around the corner.
And as for movies, I thoroughly recommend Takashi Miike's 1997 film "Full Metal Yakuza." You'll thank me later, I know...


Ok, eww, and NO. Hannah Montana is an over-fashioned, over-rated, over-dressed slut who adults seem to think that all girls like when actually, they are extremely off. So looking forward to her in 3-D!
And Mom, there's Samantha from PE and violin, Samantha from classes, Samantha from BKC, and the other Samantha from BKC. Ta ha. And a pony? Huh?


Oh, only four Samanthas in the brigade. Okay.

You can't have a pony unless Uncle Anthony sends one.


The other night my doorbell rang insistently. It was a small brigade (one of two competing team I would later learn) asking for "a penny, a piece of newspaper, a paper clip, a .... or a .... one item only from each house" racing from house to house with a parent unobtrusively down the street keeping an eye on things.

There's your hunt if you're willing to send the crews out in the cold.


P.S. it made my evening to be on the other end -- watching kids and parents unafraid to engage the neighborhood on a night that wasn't Halloween.

To make it more interesting, I'd say send one team east and the other west so they're not hitting up the same places but randomizing the sample and seeing who can move fastest and get back with the goods.


Well, my kid likes Hannah Montana. Of course, she is only 7. Probably by the time she's reached bunny's advanced age she'll be scoffing, too. And commenting on my blog.

OMG must go delete things NOW. Or, well, sometime in the next three years.


Make no mistake, HM still has an important place in the hearts of certain 11 year olds, too.


Sorry, since a "certain person" has so denigrated HM in the pages of this family-oriented blog (such language as I would never think to read from the type-pad of this site) that "certain person" can kiss her pony "adios"!
I'm giving the pony to the HM Childhood Innocence Preserved Trust Fund. They'll probably eat it, but it's tax deductable so I should care...

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