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January 26, 2008



I love the picture. I hope you and your mom both get well soon :)



Nothing to say really, I just wanted the joy of typing "toadsucking."

Your mother

Just a little Consumer Report research conducted by moi: Charmin toilet paper...er bathroom tissue is softer and stronger than any wimpy tissue I've found. Thought you should know.


Yebbut, yebbut ... your way, you're sick, AND you're carrying toilet paper rolls around the house. Demoralizing!


I'm confused. Does this picture imply that Scrabble is, per se, an "intellectual" game (I would disagree although it is fun) or is it implying that FOR DOGS this is an intellectual game (I would tend to buy that; dogs are known for many admirable qualities: loyalty, affection, floppy-ears, smarter than cats; but not for their ability to solve major issues in quantum physics)?
Either way it doesn't quite make sense. But I'm positive that even the dog who LOST this game is smarter than the guy who dyed his dog blue.

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