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January 09, 2008



Top Four Reasons Why Wife/Brothel Thing Isn't A Good Idea:

4) "Is She Really Going Out With Him" more than just a Joe Jackson song now.

3) When she complains that some clients are jackasses she's not being metaphorical.

2) "Extras" brought home from work not always treatable.

1) Boasts about "long, hard day at work"!


I love European brothels - the concept, not visiting them. Taxed, medically certified, and I think they're unionized. Didn't anyone ask him why he was there though to find this out?


Isn't it about time someone took the next step and asked about a musical adaptation of this episode entitled "Oh Brothel where art thou?" or "Brothel, can you spare a dime?" or even "The Brothels McMillan?"
Oh wait, I just did.

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