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November 14, 2007



I got what you got: omnivore.

What the heck does that mean, really?

And why are 70% of them MALE. Ladies, step up!


See, I think the results are skewed because time spent on activities isn't recorded.


A Notice From the Department of Pointless Neo-Logisms: An "omnivore" is someone (usually an animal) who consumes vegetables and meat for food. What this blog is referring to is A Geek With No Life, who generally tends to be male and lives in his parents' house at age 38.
Do not confuse the two ever again.


Only you would snark on a blog entry without having even taken the quiz, my dear.


Stealing this. Love it. I'm a connector.

your mother

I'm a connecter, which only because they don't have a Luddite category.

your mother

which IS only


You're definitely not a Luddite, Mom!


I'm a lackluster veteran. Fits me to a T, my cell phone is always off but my computer is usually on and connected to the internet.


Another omnivore (that wasn't really surprising, was it??) Odd that most of the omnivores are young and male.. what the heck am I doing in that group? I just got a cell phone less than a year ago. And, yes, I text message on it.. but usually when my (young, male) trainer needs to reschedule an appointment.

Oh, well.. does this mean I'm hipper than I think I am?


I'm a connector!


Ever see "White Heat"? James Cagney as psycho killer Cody Jarrett? At the end, he's on top of a giant gas tank of some kind and blows himself up after saying, "Made it, Ma! Top of the world!" I propose the same scene, but with the final words: "Made it, Ma! I'm A Omnivore!"

By the way, the survey says I'm an Omnivore.


Omnivore. With 8 out of 8 devices. I feel like I should have left this comment using my Blackberry just to prove something...

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