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November 08, 2007


your mother

Either take the light rail or walk with your Uzi.

I have spoken.


Or hire Hagrid as your professional escort (I of course mean: the respectable kind). To summon the ghost of The Princess Bride: "you are the Brute Squad!"

HP: Hagrid, why are those dicey muggles running so fast away from you?

H: Dunno, Harry. I bathed this morning and thestrals smell lke lavendar.


The husband has hence forth said to me: "Savvy, its dark at 5pm so please don't walk home without me!" To which I replied: "Husband - I've a mean left hook for anyone who wants a taste!"....but I still won't walk home alone. If you need a partner for walking home...email me!!!


I love the light rail idea! I hate the deserted, dark parking lot. Please do not be a danger seeker! I will personally buy your light rail pass!


do not walk alone after dark. period.


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