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November 29, 2007



I seem to recall a number of OTHER ST parodies which, oddly, did not get plugged on a certain person's website. Hmmm.
Having worked with George Hearn, and can with some assurance say that he is a fine actor in both musicals and "straght" plays, I still must maintain (based on accumulated evidence from trusted observers) that NO ONE on earth was as scary as Len Cariou waving a razor around during "Epiphany" (Steven Sondheim himself was quoted as saying that "I was glad there was a six foor moat between me and Len").
As for Le Depp: we'll see. I suspect the film will belong far more to Tim Burton and the visual flair he will undoubtedly bring to the screen. And let's not forget the (likely) wonderful presence of Alan Rickman as Judge Turpin!
So I'm willing to give Tim the benefit of the doubt. Until he pisses me off.


I heard the clips and only occasionally cringed when Johnny swallowed his tongue. "I will have vengence". His voice seems pleasant but not powerful or rough enough. This will be mostly moot if his acting can overcome the limitations of his voice.

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