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November 02, 2007



Look, all I care about is where the Cloak, the Ring and the Wand are. The rest is just sentimental camoflage.
So if Harry and Voldemord were both descended from the Peverell Brothers, that kind of makes them related and really turns all the HP novels into one giant, unpleasant family feud. Sort of like what happens at family Thanksgiving dinners except there are death spells and giant snakes involved.
Which brings us to HP 8: Harry Potter and the Long Standing, Barely Articulated Resentments Which Erupt Over The Second Helping Of Stuffing.
It should be on the store shelves just about the time when JKR realizes that no-one is interested in her other writings.


Darling, maybe this new book will have the Bombadill scene in it. Wouldn't that be refreshing?


Haven't you heard? In the new Stanley Kubrick DVD collection the "director's cut" of "Eyes Wide Shut" supposedly contains the Bombadil scene! With female nudity (hopefully Goldberry).
Imagine if Kubrick had filmed LOTR! They'd still be shooting (SK was notorious for doing take after take of even the most tiny scenes)!

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