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November 16, 2007



Wow. John Scalzi. Where in the world have I been?


Do you have ANY IDEA what a towel elephant will fetch on the hotel linen black market these days?
Fans of Carl Sagan will remember that his novel "Contact" (the one without Jodie Foster) has a scene set in a Creation Science "Museum" in--of all places--Modesto, CA. Now granted, Modesto ("Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health") was a Baptist dominated litle Central Valley burg noted for absolutely nothing whatsoever but even so, NOTHING the good people of that town ever possibly could have done to Carl was reason enough to put it on the literary map in such a humiliating way. And I lived in Coulterville, a town so podunk that the people in it (all 591) thought Modesto was the Whore of Babylon and Rio all jammed together!


I know how to fold a towel that looks just like a penis. Really! It's pretty awesome. (Maybe after a few crantinis the day after Thanksgiving while I'm making soap with my girlfriend I'll gather up the courage to fold one up and take a picture of it. (And post it on my blog???!!!) I'd probably get a XXX-rating.


Hey, send it here and I'll post it for you. My blog is rated as an elementary school reading level; I need to get a little racier.


I've got to find my old gray towels and give them a little folding. If I'm successful I'll have to change my avatar, a home-made towel elephant would so much more represent the true me than one created by a relative stranger on a cruise ship.

Thanks for the link and the mention.

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