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October 24, 2007



I'm not sure how I feel or am reacting to the news, but I do read the articles in the newspaper and various online sources. I guess now it will come out that McGonagall is a lesbian.


The critical feminist in me is pretty sure that Dumbledore, if not fundamentally gay, was at least into a little Chuck & Buck action with Grindelwald.


"Don't ask, don't spell"
(Official Hogwarts policy concerning "that sort of thing")
"Chuck and Buck action"?? Dare I ask what that MEANS?
Not McGonagal but DEFINITELY Professor Sprout and (probably) Professor Trelawny!


Not any of those. But definitely Madam Hooch. Remember the boots.

McGonagill and Snape obviously dally together at Hogwarts during the long summers between semesters. That's why they've got that little rivalry going for the House Cup.


Hey, didn't Nevile discover the RofR by needing a (third) toilet?


Anthony hasn't seen Chuck & Buck?

IMDB can fill in the details.


We figured it must be a movie reference, but were too lazy to go look it up!


even dumbledore stumbled apon the room of requirement when he needed to whiz...otherwise, don't you recall harry missing his very private times with ginny while he was on the lam? I sure took that to mean some mighty deep snogging in the woods...

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