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October 01, 2007



So true. Though, I also think Mitzie is fine with leaving people who don't care for cats alone. I've never seen her get up in the cat-neutral person's lap the way my other manx, Spike, used to do. Which scared the bejesus out of my doubles partner Cherry, who had never really been around cats.


Why bother? Exactly!
Your average feline has one attitude (arrogant) and one expression (smug). I believe that cats are what Derek Zoolander's descendants will (de)volve into.
So says the radical misofelinist!!


My idea of what cats are like was formed by our first one, which was an attack animal. He didn't like my dad and one time cornered him on the living room couch -- he'd try to bite and slash Dad's feet if he put them down on the floor. If that animal sidled up to you, you needed to be ready to defend yourself.


but, see, it's just that we can't breathe...


This works exceptionally well on babies and on shy kids too. Instead of approaching them, walk into the room and talk to the parents as if they don't exist and pretty soon you'll have them eating out of your hand.


As a household with three cats, our problem is friends who are allergic. Invariably, their lap is the one our most social cat wants to sit on. I think next time they're over I'll have them conduct a little reverse psychology experiment on the cat and see how it goes.


Er... hissing works pretty well. :)

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I'm convinced that I got an A in a class once because the instructor's cat liked me. I love cats, but I'm relaxed about letting them do things at their pace. Then when they accept me I give them Magic Ear Rubbings. Which is exactly why all three of my kitties are total love-sluts and sweethearts. I never understand why people don't like cats because mine don't act that way. We only have one that ever acts aloof and its only when she's mad because we went on a trip. Then she "gives me tail" by turning her back and twitching her tail around until she thinks she has fully expressed her ire. That lasts maybe 10 minutes and then it's snuggle time.

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