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September 20, 2007



My understanding from a friend who has written about this is that lead-based paint is still used because it's cheaper than the alternatives; of course, that means cheaper in the short run.

A couple of pieces from the friend talking about this:

"The Little Engine That Could Poison"


"Poison Me Elmo"



Also beware of:

The Latvian "Pornographic Etch-A-Sketch": no matter what you think you're drawing, it always ends up as a nude study of either Rosie O'Donnell or Rod Stewart.

The Myanamar "Easy Bake Plutonium Oven": tends to overcook both the cupcakes and 9/10s of the neighborhood!

The Former Soviet Sattelite But Now Open To The Highest Bid Bio Lab "My Little Lethal Viral Strain Pony": Oh no, there goes Tokyo...And Beijing, LA, DC, Moscow and Bombay as well.

Radio Matthew

China's actually come up with a way to ease our fears about toy imports: They are going to start making toys in both leaded and unleaded versions, until we face a shortage and are forced to create hybrid toys.

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