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September 12, 2007



I'd say it sounded like you were eating like an anorexic, but the snickers bar counteracts that nicely :D Hopefully they're actually giving you constructive feedback so you're not revising in the dark at least!


They are, now. And not to worry; I normally have a good relationship with my food, though I do consume a little too much of it. :-)


"If I were writing this report for school, at some point my prof would just slap a B on it, and I would shove it into a folder with a palpable sense of relief. In school, if you don't nail the report, you just resolve to hit it on the final. But as this is life, nobody's going to give me a passing grade - it's A work, or nothing. So I revise and revise ... "

There's a reason why the kiss-ass who regurgitates the answer the professor wants gets the best grade in college. I suppose my objection to that school of education is an excellent explanation of why I haven't done well in situations where going along was the most valued trait.

But when the job is to produce exactly what is wanted -- nothing more, nothing less -- that kiss-ass education sure can be helpful.

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