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September 05, 2007



Have you considered an ongoing physical therapy program for Bunny? She appears to have weak feet/ankles. As a weak-kneed individual, my therapy sessions began at age 9 and continued intermittently until age 22. Cheaper and easier than casts, I would imagine.


I've never heard of that. Kaiser offers post-break PT, but not on an ongoing basis. Unless you mean that BB and I should conduct ongoing PT, which is a good point!


I'm so glad this resolved itself. I hate feeling squicky over the kids...rips me up.


I think you should sit the wee bairn down in the "Sweet Spot" of your home theatre system and "make" (ie, lie about what's in store) her watch "Yes, Giogio" ALL THE WAY THROUGH!
Result: up and running down the street at top speed within five minutes!
And yes, I am sad abou the death of Luciano Pav, but there are things which cannot be forgiven!!


Sorry, that should be "Yes, Giorgio."
Some things cannot be forgiven only if they're spelled correctly!

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