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September 04, 2007



No they won't; not, at least, until they learn to build houses properly!


There's nothing that the Lego folk cannot accomplish, as I will demonstrate in future posts.


A Scenario:

Mulder (obviously fascinated): Scully, look: PROOF that the Con is engaged in a subtle attempt to replace our species with something involving "extreme possibilities."

Scully (it's been a decade and more, after all): Mulder, it's a feeble attempt to build an approximation of an Escher drawing. In Legos. Legos, I ask you, Mulder: what alien intelligence works with Legos?

Skinner (entering office): Oh good, that's where it is. (Points with pride) My 7 year old niece built this. Pretty arty for her age, huh?

Mulder: (Gives Skinner a look which clearly says "I pity your willingness to be Conned")

Scully: (Gives Skinner a look which says "I pity your niece's parents")


Meanwhile, in the Arctic, Superman's Fortress of Solitude is in danger of discovery. The planet's global warming trend has begun to melt the polar ice cap. Teams of explorers are sailing to the North Pole, determined to claim the newly-uncovered earth for their own countries. Can Superman stop Russia from making the Accidental Discovery of the Century?

Superman: Lex Luthor! Release me from this Kryptonite-lined prison cell, or the Russians will make the Accidental Discovery of the Century!

Lex Luthor: Ah, the Fortress of Solitude, of course, of course. Tell you what - I'll make you an offer on the whole thing - fortress and real estate.

Superman: Well ... It'd be great to finally afford a condo in Metropolis. What's your offer?

Lex Luthor: $5 million.

Superman: Ha! The oil rights alone are worth a hundred times that.

Lex Luthor: How do you know there's oil?

Superman: Hello? X-ray vision?

Lex Luthor: Freaky! I'll call my subprime lender.


They have taken over my computer wallpaper!!!


Soon, everyone's desktop wallpaper will be infested by Legos. (I told you it wasn't me!)

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