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August 29, 2007


yo mama

A Maltese could breeze through that trust fund without breaking a sweat.


She also wrote two of her four grandchildren out of the will in a very Joan Crawford influenced fit of utter despicableness (unless it was justified--then it was just Dobson-approved ToughLove!)!
I plan on leaving my Jack Russell terrier at least 13 million!


You think the Maltese forged Leona's will or something? They're pretty bright, those little dogs.


I read about this and thought it was pretty cool for a dog to get a lot of money. But MY dog, a Lhasa Apso is even cooler than a Maltese.


The part of the will I like is where Leona says the dog loses the trust fund if it doesn't visit her grave at least once a year. Pooping or peeing on the Helmsley after-life premises likewise will cost the mutt its meal ticket.


Even better, she left $3m for upkeep of her mausoleum, which must be scrubbed own and cleaned at least yearly. I also found this interesting compare and contrast about Helmsley and another Diva--Diana Ross I thought you might enjoy: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/1995-09-14/music/leona-vs-diana-who-s-the-real-queen-of-mean/


Anthony, I've been keeping my Jack Russell Terrier away from all media until this Queen of Mean doggy inheritance things blows over. Don't want him to get any ideas, that wily one.

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