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August 14, 2007



Is your dad a Mormon or what?


Umm, since we can eliminate Wife #1 (for obvious reasons) that leaves Wife #2 (yeah, being under her radar would have been kinda creepy) and Wife #3 (no, I just can't see it, her self-involvement could run ever-so-high as to preclude such an offer) and as Current Wife is an enigma, I guess we'll just never know, will we, until I phone you or something...


No, my dad is only married to one woman at a time. (Anthony: it was Wife #3. Surprised?)

uneasy rhetoric

As the not-so-proud owner of a beer-belly we'll call "Guinness," heck yeah I'd sign on.


Pam's father is a country-western star, not a Mormon. I would constantly say to him "look, Dr. Brooks, 'Garth' is just too 'Wayne's World' for Nashville, but as it was the early 80s and everyone was into The Plasmatics, I went unheeded...
PS--this is a joke, albeit a tangentially self-referential one. Whatever that means....


Do you remember the movie, Cold Turkey, based on the town in Iowa that all quit smoking together? Dick Van Dyke starred. It was pretty funny. I'd love to see how this works out for that town. As someone who could use a respreading of the middle age spread, I'd consider it.

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