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July 10, 2007



Wait, what? Hotel what?


Say it isn't happening!


I am so excited, I could pop. 13 hours, 17 minutes and counting!

Also, I took a little video of the Harry and the Potters show, which I will post soon. Maybe I'll even post it on YouTube.


I read 2000 pages last week. I planned on spreading out books 3-6 over three weeks, but it looks like I'll actually be done in half that time (because I'm crazy). I am so less excited about the movie (I have read the book already--for me the movies are mostly a recap) than I am about the 7th book. My husband offered to build me a Faraday cage so no one could possibly have any way to spoil anything for me (unless, I guess, they came up and told me, D'oh!)


Here's an idea: Harry Potter Spoiler Insurance. You buy a policy that will pay X dollars (depending on your circumstances and willingness to shell out) for the emotional trauma of having someone spill the beans about the next book.


So: my kid has been petitioning for months for the privilege of reading HP7 before her mother and father. Not only that, she wanted to prevent us from reading the book *during the time she is reading it*. She nixed the idea of buying more than one copy of the book (and then later donating the spare to the library).

Har-har! Pull the other one, kid!

Anyway, it turns out the day the book comes out, she'll be staying at Grandma's house. She's realized she will not be physically able to carry out this quixotic plan of dominance over her parents. She will probably buy her own copy there, while BB and I squabble for reading rights at home.


I'm hoping Clint Eastwood will direct the last HP movie so he can call it "Wands Of Our Fathers."

I challenge all the creative elemements out there to actually come up with a Michael Bay directed HP movie. I'd do it myself, but after the 2 1/2 hours that Bay tortured me with "Transformers" (hint: the difference between "Transformers" and "Pirates III"/"Spiderman III" is that those two movies, however flawed, were created by good directors whose cinematic sense had deserted them partially; Michael Bay has no sense, never had any sense and never will) I feel like Clark Kent OD'd on kryptonite.
Still, A Michael Bay HP flick would be worth a parodical paragraph or two!


Sorry, darling, I have no idea what a Michael Bay production looks like. You'll have to be the one to write it.

Did you go to last night's midnight show? We got tickets for tomorrow night.


When my husband saw that Michael Bay directed the Transformers movie he said, "Once again, Michael Bay [befouls] my childhood."

Pam, Michael Bay is often paired with Jerry Bruckheimer and does really bad action movies with lots of explosions, very little character development, and tons of testosterone.


I have no problem with lots of explosions (things blow up in real life, so why not the movies?) "character development" is a code word for "19th Century psychology" (a brilliant friend of mine says that the heroes of action films have more in common with Beckett and Genet than Ibsen and Chekhov) and lots of testosterone isn't necessarily an unpleasant thing in my neighborhood. What makes Michael Bay bad is that he can't do any of these things with a shred of talent. And yes, it can be done. Cameron, Jackson, Besson et al have proved this for quite awhile. What they can't do is clone themselves and drive the Michael Bays of the world out of business.


We have our tickets for Friday night at 5 pm. Of course, IZ tried to talk us into a midnight showing last night, but with day camp the next day, that seemed more than the boy could handle. So, instead, we've been having a Harry Potter marathon, rewatching all the DVDs. Joy.

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