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July 18, 2007


uneasy rhetoric

Snape is loyal. That's my two cents, sticker or no.


Where's the "Snape Will Run as a Democrat in '08' sticker? (There's a "Snape Will Run as a Republican," too, but I think everyone expects that.)


What's all this "Harry Potter" craziness I've been seeing? Is it some kind of ceramic industry tie-in?


I think it has to do with pro-wrestling, sweetie.

My vote: Snape is loyal.


I think we'll find out Snape is Harry's real father.


OK, there went my appetite for the day.

Harry (hanging over a cliff): You lilled my father.
Snape: Dumbledore never told you what happpened to your father...
Harry: He told me enough. He said you and Wormtail sold him out to the Dark Lord!
Snape: No, I am your father.
Harry: No, that's impossible.
Snape: Search your feelings, Harry. You know it to be true. And by the way, Hermione Granger is your sister...

This could be the most original, thrilling scene possible in the hands of a great director. So for God's sake, don't let Lucas get near it...


Snape is totally loyal. I think it's one of the only sloppy plot points Rowling has--she's trying so hard to convince us he's evil (while building up our complete trust in Dumbledore)that there's no way we can believe it.

Two days!!

(I wouldn't read Digg if that's something you do. My husband says people are peppering comments with spoilers. BASTARDS!)


Even better:

"The Breakfast Wand"

Harry, Hermione, Neville, Draco and Pansy are forced to do detention (without wands or spellbooks) in the dungeons of Hogwarts while Snape and Filch bitch about how Dumbledore ruined their lives. John Hughes can direct.

Harry: Emilio Eztevez
Hermione: Molly Ringwald
Neville: Anthony Michael Hall
Draco: Judd Nelson
Pansy: Ally Sheedy

Snape: Ben Stein
Carl the Janitor: Jeffrey Jones


I'm in the Snape is loyal camp.


I can't believe all you sheeplike Snape fans. Occam's razor, people!


I wouldn't call myself a Snape *fan* per se, but Dumbledore had a reason to trust him that we never heard about and I'd put money on it coming back around in the last book. (tomorrow!!)


snape-like sheep fans? is this knitting blog now?

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