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July 12, 2007



Hope you enjoy it!


Lord Voldemord is hot! Seriously. Sexiest villain since Sauron! Runner-up: Lucius Malfoy. Imagine looking like Fabio AND being able to perform a Cruciatus Curse at the same time! Note to Bellatrix Lestrange: hon, the "Elvira on Crack" look went out with, well, Elvira. Take a note from Britney Spears: the "half a head of hair" look much more cutting edge and since you're already in prison, you neededn't fear the consequences!!
I think the film has taken a lot of flack for the way David Yates compressed it, but given that he was under a lot of pressure from the studios (as a non A-list director usually is when given a franchise product) I think that he'll be given more freedom with the next movie. Provided it makes $$ that is...
And the acting was some of the best the series has seen so far. You go, Snape!




Anthony's right, it was some of the best acting in the series. (But he's not right about Voldemort being hot. A snake-man in a suit? Eccch!) Beautiful scenery. But the movie all in all was sort of flat.

I'll grant you that Order of the Phoenix is densely-packed with exposition, and it may not lend itself well to being an adventure movie. But the book still has a lot of moments of suspense and release, which the movie usually neglected to bring to life. Scenes that should have been funny or thrilling had most of the life sucked out. (Was it clumsily edited? I don't know.)


AOL has a Hogwart's creature quiz: http://movies.aol.com/feature/summer_movies/quiz-trivia/harry-potter-creatures


Pam, which is the best HP movie so far, in your estimation?


well, entropy is as entropy does, i suppose. for my part, i await with trepidation the 2009 projected release date of the hobbit, but only if they regain their senses and re-employ peter jackson et al. (et that's a whole buncha al;) otherwise, i ain't goin' there for fear on not being able to get back again. i be staying right here in the real middle earth, thank you very much. hogwhere?


Oh, I'm sorry, e. I just don't know what to say!

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