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June 03, 2007



Fortunately, I haven't had the first problem (or if I have, no one has told me!), but I too just got my first-ever blast of about a dozen spam comments all at once. Sheesh.


Judging by the examples of spam comments you posted, someone thinks you're not taking your medications. Which begs the question. . .

And it also reminds me of the privacy scare stories that always follow the news that we are headed for a future in which we are all micro-chipped and everything about us is available via wireless communication with ubiquitous marketers. In this future, you walk into the Rite-Aid store and a friendly voice over the store PA system alerts you that hemorrhoid treatments are on sale in aisle 6B today.


Did you trace the ip addresses with http://www.ip-adress.com

You can check the location

Your mother

This week I kept getting spam for some new search engine after months of no spam at all. Nothing interesting like you are getting.

A few months ago I had readers blocked but Typepad solved it in a day or so.


Testing 123...Spamalot....


Judging from my stats, here's what happens: "Somebody" (a bot? a human?) searches for some random picture in Google Images. From there "they" visit the blog and post one or two spams. This happens about twelve times in a row, all using different Google images, and with IPs from myriad locations - Russia, Alaska, Israel, Canada, etc.

You guys, it's beginning to feel like a siege. I dearly wish Typepad had a feature where you could globally shut off comments on all older blog entries.

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