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June 13, 2007



I tend to shop at stores so exclusive they run a credit check on you AFTER you've bought and paid for the equipment, not to mention peerage investigations to make sure you are "the right kind" of person who should be owning Krell or Wilson or Audio Research. Nothin says "snob value" as that certain kind of ultra-high end audio parlor whose wares are available for perusal "by appointment only."
Seriously, my first real quasi high-end purchase occurred in a store in New Haven CT, where after having been IGNORED by the sales staff one day as I was browsing, I huffily went to the bank, took out $300 of my very hard-earned YSD summer work study money, went back to the store, and aggressively-but-politely insisted that I wanted to buy an amp (an Adcom GFA, which I happily owned for some years after). They sold it to me, and--go figure-- even though I never bought another bit of equipment there, I was a welcome peruser-of-hideosuly-expensive-stuff from that day forward, on a pleasant first-name basis with all the sales staff, etc...
I've always wondered: if I'd have bought $3000 worth of equipment, would they have adopted me and let me marry into their families?

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