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June 13, 2007



For some reason I'm reminded of a documentary I once saw about the avant-garde arts scene in Japan where the VERY pretentious leader of this butoh (cutting-edge Jap-dance thingy) troupe boasted that all the members of her company had taken her name as their stage name, male and female alike. If your idea of bizarrely inflated, hermetically sealed avant-garde happening is still Yoko One, then believe me when I say that this woman (and she was not alone on camera as exemplars of extremely weirded-out Land of the Rising Sun posuers interviewed) made Mrs. Lennon look and sound as comfortably mainstream as Celine Dion.
So I'm pretty sure that the two guys who did this pencil art (which is beautiful, actually) are likely on a first-name basis with everyone in that documentary.

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