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June 25, 2007


your mother

You're abandoning your carnivore roots?


Local vegan restaurant? Where is this?


Groats 'n' Such? I've been wondering what it's like.


I take it back: according to the review, Andy Nguyen's on Folsom Blvd. serves meat and fish, though the one located on Broadway is animal-free.

Well, vegan, Vietnamese ... hell's bells, any restaurant without a kid menu is a treat to us.


Vegan jokes to annoy people with:

Q: What do a shipload of vegans complain about after they've been torpedoed and sent to the bottom of the ocean?
A: Too much salt in their diet....

Q: Which of these popular titles are not acceptable to vegans:
1) The Scent of New Mown Hay
2) The Sounds of Silence
3) A Taste of Honey
4) The Look of Love

Q: How can you spot the vegan at the organic health food store?
A: You can't--vegans don't compromise like that!

Q: Did you hear about the vegan who committed suicide by going to a Ted Nugent concert?

Q: Why are there no vegan cannibals?
A: Can't find free-range human anymore!

And Finally:

Q: A potential grad student was denied admiitance to a prestigious university because he couldn't answer the following GRE question:
"A vegan and a normal human went out and had lunch. Where did they go, what did they order, what did they talk about through the meal; both returned from the meal better friends than before."
Discuss the logical fallacies in this statement....

I'm the kind of guy who refuses monetary support to my inner-wounded child. I sent him to the workhouse ages ago...


Anthony, I have added a vegan restaurant to my list of places to take you when you come to Sacramento. Only, we will sit far from the kitchen so you can't insult them verbally.


You can sit me RIGHT NEXT to the kitchen and I will, with perfectly studied Ivy League politesse (the kind of grace I acquired in Baltimore when I was charged with the mission of going to the houses of multi-millionaire board members of the state-supported theatre I worked for and delivering the Good News of modern dramaturgy) say NOTHING BUT NICE THINGS (particularly if someone else is paying the check) about the food.
So, to quote the Resident Village Idiot in DC, "bring it on"!

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