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June 14, 2007


Your Brother

Hey! Not a shock... we both placed in the Midlands. You'd think we were related or something, Grotto...


me, too, only mine is no. cal via shakespeare, by early 20th century canadian out of ditto southern, once removed.


btw, it says here midlands is not midwest; it's television.


I saw that. I have a television accent. Somehow, I'm not surprised. I listened to TV much more than to my relatives.


Hmmm, a little coastal confusion it seems. The quiz puts in the "Northern" group, yet I grew up in So Cal... Does that mean I average out to Omaha? eek!


I am a midland, born in California


You're another one with a TV accent, sweetheart.


Have you ever heard anyone from Pittsburgh talk? Definitely not a TV accent.
TV people sound like Californians, non-SF and non-north coast. It's the pot in Humboldt, I reckon. Or, given Ken's thing, maybe it's low beach proximity.

I think the Midland thing is a ruse. Having lived there, everyone sounds like a Superfan to me.

And I have a bone to pick with that Mary/Marry/Merry question. I pronounce Mary and Marry the same, and Merry slightly differently. And that is never an answer on these.

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