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June 30, 2007



Those photos are great; but -- and this is a big but -- as a native of real tornado country, I have to protest that California twisters are just effete little things that ravage fences and sheds and roofing shingles and occasionally a whole roof. Auntie Em, Auntie Em, can I turn the Wii back on now?! We just don't have the right mix of weather stuff -- a very cold mass of air pushing into a very hot, humid one -- for the monster tornadoes to form. On the other hand: levee collapses. The Sacramento Valley can do those to a fare-the-well.

This is the Midwest tornado crank, signing off.


You don't offend me; I was raised in Ohio, and I've seen the devastation of real tornadoes (though not firsthand, thankfully). I noticed this CA tornado didn't even disturb the cows in the field below!


Raised in the land of tornadoes, this was wild - I live down that way. North Natomas seems to be the perfect place for such confluence of atmospheric events. Keeps me from getting homesick.


How come you never told me about those?

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