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June 21, 2007



You know, if you carefully edited some of your choicer past blog-posts, you could forge an entire new career with Dream Boss by convincing her that you have SINGLE-HANDEDLY created an entire network of "public contributors" all fervently dedicated to seeking closer communication with the State Government!
It worked for Clifford Irving, why not you?


I love a boss who has brilliant, yet errant ideas...and, hey, it's only our tax dollars, right? Go for it.

I'm also testing to see if I get deleted as SPAM, as I've seem to have been of late.



Isn't Alvin Toffler speaking somewhere about how damn late to the party government always is? You should tell her about it.


This agency is about to get a (much-needed) dose of futurist reality. I can't go into detail, but I think (and hope) the fervor over social networking is just the first phase.


It is nice to hear of managers with a vision outside the narrow confines of their immediate responsibility. That's certainly a much better place to be than the alternative -- all sorts of staff enthusiasm and nothing but disinterest or, worse, opposition above.

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