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May 11, 2007



I hate to burst anyone's bubble, especially yours, however ... being a former LA MTA employee I need to tell all that the bus Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves fell in love on was in fact a City of Santa Monica line. The MTA is persnicketty about letting just anyone use their rolling stock. The rail line the sweathearts and Dennis Hopper rode was MTA, in case you're wondering.


No, I'm wondering if the plucky little Jack Russell terrier trapped in the house in "Volcano" ("The Coast Is Toast") was reunited with its owners and whether Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche lived happily ever after; also, what happened to that volcano in downtown LA--I understand it's now a very happening restaurant and mall complex!


Dag, I missed seeing a volcano in LA? I saw LA get hit by tornados (Day After Tomorrah) and get obliterated by a spaceship (Independence Day), but must've missed the tornados.


"Volcano" completely (as things go) rulz! It's got lava, firebombs, ludicrously heavy allegory about LA's troubled racial makeup, a cute dog, tough-but-ultimately-fair cops, Don Cheadle in Charge! and heroic transit workers who defy melted rock and death. Beats watching New York get snowbound any day of the week!! It's only close competition is "Dante's Peak" which also has a cute dog, but otherwise doesn't quite bring on da noize/bring on da funk quite the same way...

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