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May 31, 2007



I want to see a "Malfoy Family Home" mockup as well. Have you ever wondered what kind of homelife Draco must have had: rather like being a Neo-nazi in a Jewish neighborhood trying to pass while waiting for the Reich to rise again...
But I really want to see Hermione's family. Does it strike anyone else as odd that in a thousand years not a SINGLE Muggle family has ever "blabbed" to their friends or neighbors that, "oh by the way, wizards are real and our son/daughter is currently off studying to be one". Or does the Ministry send around the Obliviator squad to keep things under control?
But I don't think Hogwarts was built to throw off Muggles. Remember, they can't see the place, they only see ruins.


Animatronic Kreacher.



Ay MEN Sister Bludgeon of Truth!


Even better: a "cross-over" exhibit at the park where Kreacher "sqaures off" in a comedy club against Miss Crabtree, the acerbic bus driver from "South Park"!
Kreacher wouldn't know what hit him...

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