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May 22, 2007


Your mother

My goodness. Sammy has a bit of Karl Marx and Che Guerva in him, doesn't he?


I twisted my ankle once trying to avoid a cat underfoot, so I believe the dog story.


Umm, sorry to interrupt the Revolution but I have news for all my "canine brothers": ARE YOU INSANE?
People, we've got he sweetest deal going on. In exchange for a few tail wags, the occassional "cute paw trick" and basically making them feel as though their lives are meaningless without our furry, barky, "they're so adorable" little con-job we've GOT THE GRAVYTRAIN! FREE FOOD AND LODGING! Shelter from the elements (dude, have you seen how our "free cousins" the wolves live? not to metion that we chase the foxes in England, not the reverse)! We've come along way baby--now we're "animal companions" in California and if we don't rock the boat too hard, I foresee voting rights there by 2025!
Folks, hate to bum the rally, but have you ever seen them really, really mad? Like, do you know how far they can throw a poodle into oncoming traffic when they're pissed? And hello, all you Rottweilers and Mastiffs out there who think "I'm taking them down come the Revolution" I've got FOUR WORDS for you: opposable thubs and firearms! Not a pretty sight!!
Sorry, but everyone loves to sock it to the man until the man decides, "screw this three meals a day and regular walks in the park bs, I'm getting a cat!"
We know just how much our so-called "Revolutionary Feline Conspirators" will back us if Judgement Day comes. Right up until the first unclean litterbox rears its fetid, ugly head!
So Sister Tulip, you little radical pup manque, get a clue: lick her hand and jump up and dowm when she gets back from the doctor or I guarantee you the next walk you'll be taken to will end at the back of a local restaurant known for its bargain meals. Need I say more?

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