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April 17, 2007



Happy, happy! I have a big one coming Sunday....


Hey, I don't 'speak' abacus. Not fair. How old are you? Happy birthday anyway!


Hey, hey! Happy 119th birthday!

(Seriously ... HBTY ... I'm an Aprilian myself.)


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday! I'm a longtime lurker, but just had to tell you today. Hope you have a great one.


Happiest of birthdays to you, and may many more follow it!


Hppy, Happy Birthday! And many more. It's great to celebrate the day -- I just avoid the years part.


Happy Birthday!


My brain's too tired to figure it out. (Not that I probably could if my brain wasn't tired, since I'm math challenged with a digital calculator). I just assume you're younger than me. MOST PEOPLE ARE THESE DAYS! (It's very strange).

I hope you had a very nice birthday, and that you were treated extra special. :o)

I just got back to work today after two and a half days of stomache flu and 30 hours without power. So no matter how old you are you stil probably feel better than I do.
Can you really be 30? It seems like yesterday you were 17 amd playing flute right next to Brian Jacubs. Wait, it WAS yesterday and I'm telling your father that you've been dating a baritone without family permission!

Reverend H.L. Spork

I'm a little late, but happy B-day.


Even later, but still, many happy returns of the day!

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