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April 18, 2007



big depp fan here, and i found the whole 2 thing just too yucky visually to watch more than about 10 minutes of. blag.


Happy Birthday! PJs are a good choice. :D

Keeping an accent (which he does because I don't think he does non-accent roles) isn't Orlando Bloom's major problem. Learning to act still is...
Is it just me or is there something PECULIAR about the fact that pretty boy Bloom came out of LOTR with film role offers up the wazoo while Sean Astin (who on BAD DAY can out-act OB by several miles) has yet to get a starring role thrown at him?
Having said that, I think his work on Pirates got better in the second film, which leads to the faint hope that he's actually going somewhere as a film star.


We watched another half-hour of it last night. At this rate we'll be through the movie by next Monday.

Apparantly the plot revolves around William and Elizabeth stealing Davy Jones's locker key, so they can obtain two billets that will let them escape Casablanca and defeat the Nazis. Or do I need to get my hearing checked?


Hey! Sean Astin had a great cameo on "24" last year. Played a weasel bureaucrat -- hey! careful! -- who conceals the fact he has lost some real important secret device to his drug addict sister's pimp/boyfriend (not making this up). Later, he reclaims scrap of dignity by going on a suicide mission into a nerve-gas-filled office; I swear he died better than anyone has ever died on that show, not that I'm proud I have an opinion about that.

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