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April 30, 2007



Dr. Sue recommends a brisk ten block walk x 2 daily; with a supplemental lunch time meander; all of this preceded by a large Bunny love hug daily.


Not only that, you've also just used the word "crikey" in a sentence. Which can only mean that you're in the process of being possesed by Steve Erwin. If you find yourself muttering something like "now your Australian rock snake is a tricky bugger" in the middle of planning conferences or when the boss asks about your homelife, start putting the local Catholic priest (I suggest Dominicans, as Jesuits are way too rational for this kind of thing) on your speed-dial. It's very possible that the cramps you are experiencing are the results of your head rotating 360 degrees while you're asleep!


Dr. Sue: Thank you, my dear - that's the best advice. What do I owe you?

Anthony: Croikey! Your stingray, that's a killah!


Boy do I hear you on this one! Lately, I don't feel any older during the day than when I first get out of bed. Creak creak creak. After a few steps the joints get loosened up but til then I feel like quite an oldster. (And every day I think, "I'm too young for this!")I hear stretching before bed helps but it seems to take all my energy just to climb the stairs to get to bed. I can't imagine exercising before I collapse into sleep.


While being middle age has its upsides, this is surely true. I solved the aching in the morning by getting down to Sleep Train and spending the disposable income I have now that I didn't have when I was 25 to buy the most comfortable bed in the world--no more morning grunts and groans--it all balances out.

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