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April 12, 2007



Oh, my -- Mark Trail. He's really left his roots (ranger suit and woodland fedora) behind him, hasn't he. I had no idea the strip still existed; I probably haven't seen it in more than 30 years (the paper that used to run it in Chicago, the Daily News, has long since turned up its toes).


Years and years ago, the guys I worked with all made a silly point of it to follow the comic "Gil Thorpe." I'm not sure what kind of exposure it had nationwide, and probably was mainly a southern comic, since it was all about the drama and adventures surrounding a high school football coach.

This was, of course, long before anyone dreamed of making a movie or TV show called Friday Night Lights.

Then, to make life extremely silly, about twenty years ago I was working in a factory and came up with the idea of making a weekly newsletter based on the comic, "Mary Worth." Why Mary? Because it had to be the most slow-moving, boring comic in the paper. My weekly newsletter dished up all sorts of gossip and fun.

I sent a copy to whichever comic syndicate was in charge, thinking they would get a kick out of it. I received a friendly cease and desist letter. I wish I still had copies of it all. It was great fun!

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