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April 23, 2007



Wow, I'm so glad you posted that! About a hundred years ago, in college, at a Grateful Dead concert even, someone (maybe it was Love 22 himself) came up to me, just me, and handed me a $22 bill. The big deal of it all is that 22 has always been my lucky number (my bday is 4/22, I used to have 22 letters in my name, etc.), and it really seemed as though he picked me out of the crowd. I wonder if I still have that bill somewhere..... Thanks for the memory!

I think in the next HP novel EVERYONE but Dobby will die.

Most likely people to die in the next HP novel:

Percy Weasley/Mrs. Weasley--one's a jerk and since Rowling has now killed ALL of Harry's real and substitute fathers, isn't it time for the substitute moms to start getting all Avada Kedrava on him?

One or more Malfoys: I nominate Lucius Malfoy because nothing else would convince Draco that his magical mouth has been attempting spells his magical butt can't cast, so to speak...

All of the Dursleys except Dudley: that would make the best scene imaginable--Lord V come to 4 Privet Lane for a little heart-to-heart with Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia!

Bellatrix LeStrange: Rowling played Neville for a chump for the first three novels, so you'd better believe he's the one who's going to ice the homie who mind-dissed mom and dad (but not before Gran gets it!).

I'd really like to see Professor Trelawny predict her own death!


When we get closer to the release of HP7, I shall open a post just for all this speculation. So save your best predictions ...

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