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March 01, 2007



HOO! and here you weren't even gonna try for it! YAAAYYY! DREAM JOB!!!


Yay for you!


Congratulations, Pam! Great news!


Does that mean that now only ONE of us will still be spewing out a constant diatribe of misery and anger about their boring, useless jobs/lives? Well, it's a start in the right direction...
SO many congratualtions are in order I'll just ignore them and move on to complaining about my job, which is easier.
By the way, lettuce is a mineral. You can tell your co-workers that as the door makes contact with your derrier upon departure!


Yay! Congratulations! When do you start?


Super duper congratulations to you!


Omigosh! You got it!!! Mazal tov!


I hope you'll do well and be happy in your new position. I hope also that they pay you goodly sums and that you get a window.

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