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March 28, 2007


your mother

And you haven't even gone to obedence training classes!!


I've been in dog obedience school for 43 years. Starting with a little white chihuahua named Nietzsche, who HATED HATED HATED to be taken on walks. Whenever I'd pull out the leash and collar, she'd waddle er, run and hide under the couch.


Scout, the border collie/golden retriever mix wonder dog, is nuts for walks. Morning, noon and night. He doesn't bark, but he has a way of looking at you soulfully, stretching and groaning when he's gone more than 47 minutes without a good inspection of the neighborhood ...


Emmett and Opie have a way of sitting right in front of me, with a soulful look - and then running to the door as if to say "WALKIES!" If I don't take them right then, I get a chorus of long sighs and harumphs as they plop down on the ground to wait until I take them.

If I don't walk them at least once a day, they get rowdy and Emmett threatens to eat Opie. - it works every time.

I'm such a sucker for my dogs!



Sammy: South magnetic Pole rulz!
Daisy: South magnetic Pole blows chunks. North magnetic Pole is TOTALLY KEWL!
Pam: Dogs are so mysterious. I wonder if they can communicate with one another?

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