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March 23, 2007



Years ago, when the world was young and the Dark Lord naught but a rumor in the forest of Mirkwood, Pam, BB and I were watching a rock video on MTV (remember them?) and while BB was "ogling" (I use the word cautiously) the pretty female singer in the band I was sitting there, tongue hanging out, panting, saying "wow, do you see that--the bass player is using a Steinberger bass!" Both heads turned to stare at me as though they had never HEARD of a Steinberger bass (a distinctly hi-tech, all artificial composite instrument witha terminally cool look). OK, so, they hadn't heard of a Steinberger bass. But now I stand (or sit) vindicated. Pam has reached my level of professional tangential occupational obsessional interest (PTOOI). Hah. Put that on your Steinberger E-string and pluck it!!


Oh, Lord. All the more reason to get out of school! I'm becoming specialized. I avoided it for years but at last it's happening.


Let me admit that the American public did not warm up to motorcycle hands and middle-aged hip thrusts. I did!

I'm not a Hugh-Grant-ophile, per se, though I am a sucker for a romantic comedy and have watched Love Actually more times than a 1977 teenager in New Jersey watched Star Wars (but that is another story.) And I love a coming of age story.

The biggest question is how did the Lurch-like agent get the pretty, hot doctorate.


By and large I avoid romantic comedies because the CF factor is too much for my current bloodsugar levels to cope with. However, there are a few exceptions:

1) Roxanne: Probably because Edmond Rostand understood love far better than any Hollywood scriptwriter and Riok Rossovich was, well, Rick Rossovich, and even Darryl Hannah posing as an astronomer couldn't undermine the fundamental charm of this big-nosed love triangle.

2) Arthur: Listening to John Gielgud proclaim lines such "it's been a pleasure meeting you Linda; usually, one must go to bowling alley to meet a woman of your caliber" and Geraldine Fitzgerald's exclamation of "peanuts" makes one boggle at the fact that the movie ostensibly stars Dudley Moore and Liza "No Gests Allowed" Minelli and no one really cares all that much.

3) In and Out: Yes, I know, everyone claims they just watch it for the sight of macho Tom Selleck kissing Kevin Kline but the real thrill for moi in this movie is the quirked-out budding romance of Joan Cusack and the riotously funny Matt Dillon (surely one of the truly under-rated comic actors of our time) channeling his inner Brad Pitt (or whichever hipper-than-thou LA brat actor he was parodying) all the way to the Sunset Strip.

4)Eat Man, Drink Woman: Frankly, the food is absolutely the sexiest thing in this Ang Lee dysfunctional family drama, but the tale of the three daughters, their various budding or budded ramonaces and their father's rejuvenated love life/tastebuds is so yummy that it would almost be worth it to be transmigrated into the body of an unhappy Taiwanese cooking dynasty just to eat as well as they do!


Sue, I, too, wondered why a Columbia resident was married to a talent agent who has only *one* client.

But such is life in romantic comedies. Eris knows, if we start questioning plausibility, we will surely go mad.

Anthony, I sense the start of a couple of good memes.

your mother

I was sort of hoping for a sparkling review of the PPIC policy seminar. Was it the zany, madcap adventure that we were led to believe?

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