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February 14, 2007



I remember becoming addicted to All My Children during the Summer of 1981. Ah the glory days of Erika, Jesse and Opal's Glamorama. Writing like that simply doesn't come along very often anymore... Sigh.
Jump cut to the future, say about 2013:

Bunny: Brad's still a total studmuffin, mom. I can see why every girl in town's hot for him.

Pam: Umm, there's a real nice Afterschool Special on right now--"My Two Moms and Three Dads"--wanna change the channel?

Bunny: Are you kidding? Brad's about to bag Victoria again!!

Pam: Oy...

(Author's note: when faced with a character response on a deadline, nothing says "woe" better than "oy." Gentiles love it; makes 'em think they're in a Woody Allen flick!)


"As the World Turns" -- one of my life influences. My mom would be watching every day when we came home for lunch (back then, only the kids who came to school on the bus stayed there to eat). Every day. After the show was over, she'd get on the phone to talk to her mother about the day's proceedings. I can still name most of the characters, and I have to confess that years and years later, when the show happened to be on the tube somewhere, it was kind of a thrill to see some of the same actors still grinding it out. I mean, how could they possibly be alive still, let alone dressing themselves, memorizing a script, and doing the show?

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