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February 20, 2007



YOUR MOUNTAIN WILL REACH CRITICAL MASS AND BLOW UP IN YOUR FACE IF YOU DON'T CALM DOWN! Having said that, anyone who has an advanced degree that comes from an accredited (by legitimate accreditation institutions) has gone through this paper chase, and come out alive, but not very sane for the year after it ends. The bean counter is an expert at spotting fake schools with TP diplomas, so she is getting the full nelson of a Masters program. I think she is both brave and wonderful!


Thanks, sweetheart. I shall untie you now. You deserve it.


Well, I checked the cast list and Claire Bloom isn't in this one either.
Better luck next time.
(Note: for those of you wondering about this ongoing Claire Bloom fixation, a word in your ear--decades ago BB and I went to see Woody Allen's "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy" [a lame remake of Bergman's "Smiles Of A Summer's Night" and itself one of the least funny Swedish comedies ever made {not a very large category in and of itself}] and afterwards we very loudly and publically descended into this ludicrous argument about whether the British actress Claire Bloom was in the cast [this being in pre-internet days when you could just click a mouse and look things up]. Well, naturally she wasn't [Allen rarely used anything but American actors at this point of his career] and having made complete public speactacles of ourselves this continued to be a bone of contention between us anytime we had a disagreement about any aspect of any movie whatsoever. For reasons which continue to escape me, BB persists in still being my friend and I, for equally opaque reasons, insist on continiung the deceased equine flagellation.)
Any relationship between this post and Pam's ongoing quest for the Strategic Plan is quite, quite accidental and must be reckoned on the same level of probability as quantum flux.


But you: you stay tied up. Learn brevity, and we'll talk!

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