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February 13, 2007



I think that MJ shouldn't "find his way back..." I think there needs to be a standard of celebrity strangeness which will withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and provide a guiding-light (or a negative beacon if you will) for all who call themselves Rich and Weird. Whitney and Bobby have failed, TomKat is just plain pathetic, Andy Dick is too minor league, Courtney has betrayed us by cleaning up (for the moment) and now Anna Nicole belongs to the angels (don't snicker--Hell has standards to maintain; God can be all-forgiving). So that leaves just MJ, Prince of Baby-Dangling, Elector of Increasing Paleness, Lord of The Noseless to show us the true, crystalline-pure view of what Authentic Celebrity Dysfunction means!
All Hail Jacko: King of Strange (now that the Police have reunited for a world tour, can we call upon Sting and Co. to possibly rewrite one of their classic hits in honor of MJ)!


That was painful to watch...really terrifying...i think i will go throw up now

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