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February 12, 2007



I thought that you weren't supposed to have much of an opinion about the agency being studied? That's how it was presented to us last year.

In any case, at least you have the day off to work on your thesis. I'm building a mailing list.


Also, I know that it's overbearing and intrusive on some level, especially since they combined the blogger id with Google accounts (which is different from the e-mail and calendar id that I use, and thus a P.I.A. to switch between), but I like Google calendar. Especially since it links to my Remember the Milk account.

But neither have eliminated my need for a handheld or paper.


Why not do a paper on the following: "Athletic Departments: Big Wastes of Time and Money or Merely Parasites on the Body Academic?"
I'd be more than happy to throw in my $200K on the subject...

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