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January 31, 2007



I got LeGuin, too. I wonder what the other result possibilities are.


I got Gregory Benford (whom I've never even read) and when I took the "What Classical Composer Are You" quiz I got Phillip Glass, which is complete BS. Everyone knows I'm either LaMonte Young or Iannis Xennakis!
Although if you're nice to me I can be David Del Tredici!


Anthony, how come I am Benford also?


I have no idea; everyone knows you're really Terry Brooks...
If Terry Brooks, Frank Herbert and Anne McCaffrrey got together and collaborated, the result would be the single largest flogged dead horse in Western Civilization: The Mystic Dragon Eating Worm Riders of Dune And Their Marvelous Tolkien Derivatives.

Other DH Titles:

Aroma-Therapists Of Dune
Thread Bloggers of Pern
The Kidney Stones of Shannarrah
F'lar and Lessa Go To Whitecastle



Dune: House Karioke

Tanning Salons of Dune (Book XXVII in the series, when civilization on Arrakis takes a nasty turn)

The Desert-Hobbit of Shannarrah


I'm Arthur C. Clarke. Dammit. I wanna be Ursula K. LeGuin.

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