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January 12, 2007



LONG before Dan Brown milked the Illuminati and other hermetic lore masters for Da Vinci Crud bucks, RAW's "Illuminati Trilogy" was breaking ground for its radical narrative shifts and intricate mixture of pseudo-history, political paranoia and dolphins. With the exception of Stein, Joyce and a few others, reading RAW was one of the most challenging things I've ever done.
Now he's gone and we'll NEVER know what happened to Sigismund Celine in the New World.


I thought of that. The Historical Illuminati Chronicles - that was a very promising (sci-fi?) series.


I think I would be sadder if I did not suspect that he was trying to explain Schrödinger's cat to Sam Clemens and Robert Heinlein. I do hope that the energy and spirit of RAW lives on in humor, pulling the tail feathers of overblown egos that have passed on, or are still on this plane of eris.


That *is* a nice piece by R.U. Sirius. Who is a trip in his own right.

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